Nature - Ordering a CD-R with a MP3 Purchase

How to Order a CD-R of a MP3 Download (USA/Canada)

To create a CD-R of a MP3 download, add the file you want to the shopping cart, then use the button below to pay for burning a CD-R and shipping of the sound of your choice ($8.99). Please change the quantity in the shopping cart (in the shopping cart, click "update cart" after writing in the new quantity) if you want more than one file (and CD-R).

A CD-R will be burned using the original wav file which has a higher audio quality than the compressed mp3 file. The audio CD-R is burned by hand, and has the file name and unique graphics burned on it in grey tones (LightScribe CD-R) and the case has a printed text label. We burn only one CD-length file for each CD-R. The CD is shipped via first class air mail.

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Revision date: July 6, 2012.