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Nature records the natural sounds of the wilderness of North America using binaural techniques. These sounds of nature (without music) are perfect for relaxation, meditation, sleep, or to create a natural ambience. Meticulous care is taken to include only the pure sounds of nature while recording, resulting in a pristine natural sound free from artificial or domestic sounds, loops and hiss. Most of our recordings are 70 minutes or longer in length. "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed."

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New Release!

Autumn River MP3 © features peaceful, relaxing running water sounds on a wilderness autumn night. Washes away stress! Now available here!

Nature Sounds and only Nature Sounds!

Here is the place to find peaceful relaxation, a place to connect to the music of nature and the natural world, and to reconnect (using recorded sound and soundscapes) with our own inner natural pace, and with the true tempo of Life.

These recordings are not mere sound effects, or noise. Our extensive experience in the natural world, formal musical training, university music degree, and broadcast industry experience, enables us to find, recognize, and cleanly reproduce those natural sounds which have a special musicality. Most of our sounds are recorded using binaural methods, which give a 3D listening experience when using headphones. Without headphones you will enjoy your usual listening experience.

Nature Sounds... and only Nature Sounds!

Following this ideal of only nature sounds, no musical instrument sounds are added to our recordings. Yet, music is still being created! In the sounds of nature, there is pitch and tempo, melodies and choruses, which are all being created by a multitude of animate and inanimate players. In a careful, respectful and loving manner, natural sounds are recorded and edited, or sometimes mixed and arranged, into finished artistic soundscapes. A great amount of care is taken in microphone location and locale. The objective is to create the most realistic nature experience possible, and hence, the greatest compliment to hear is: "It sounds like they just stick a microphone in the air."

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Best Selling Nature Sounds MP3 Downloads

River Sounds © MP3

River Sounds © MP3 is a beautiful, lively, vibrant yet relaxing, constant sound. It is ideal for background ambience, for masking other sounds - particularly conversation, or use for meditation.

Sleepy Night Sounds © MP3

Sleepy sounds...

Serene sounds...

Peaceful sounds...

A soundscape of a moonlit creek and nearby crickets.

Boreal Forest Birds © MP3

A relaxing early summer morning in the northern wilderness of spruce and pine. Hear the sounds of lazy breezes ebb and flow, swirl and eddy, as a repetitious wood warbler chants his mantra. With a voice of golden honey, a white throated sparrow calls in the distance.

Whispering Waves © MP3

Whispering Waves © MP3 is a delicate detailed recording that slips
through the ears...

and into the soul...

Perfect for relaxation.

Relaxation Brook 2 © MP3

Shoo away the blahs with the sounds of Spring. A lively light-hearted spirited spring brook bubbles over and around moss covered rocks as spring forest birds chorus. Both the birds and the brook share the spotlight in this recording to create a perfect relaxation sound.

Meditation Brook © MP3

A detailed recording of a soothing gentle brook provides a calming and relaxing experience. It contains only bubbling and running water sounds. It is perfect for meditation, sleep, ambience, or to use for indoor fountain sounds.

Relaxing Birds and Frogs © MP3

Relaxing Birds and Frogs © is a richly textured and constantly evolving summer morning recording made where wetland marsh meets woodland. Contains loons, pileated woodpeckers, red-winged blackbirds, trillers, warblers, sparrows, phoebes, yellow-throats, juncos, vireos, blue jays, grosbeaks, chick-a-dees, ravens, and more.

Sleepy Cricket Night © MP3

Sleepy Cricket Night © is ideal for relaxation, for meditation, or for sleep. It's a sleepy summer night. So sleepy that the clearest sounding cricket dozes off a few times in the middle of the song!

Rolling Thunder © MP3

Rolling Thunder has distant and non-threatening sounds which naturally flow with a unique rumbling sound. A gentle rain falls throughout forming a high counterpoint to the bass and sub-bass of the thunder. It excellently masks a variety of sounds.

Thunder and Rain Sounds © MP3

Thunder and Rain Sounds © MP3 is our latest Thunder recording for relaxation or ambience. Steady thunder without birds or other nature sounds to distract. Available in 70 and 140 minute lengths.

Sleepy Spring Night - Boreal Forest © MP3

Sleepy Spring Night - Boreal Forest © - perfect... peaceful... ambience. It sounds like crickets, but it's not!

Gentle Rain and Crickets © MP3

Gentle Rain and Crickets © MP3 is a soothing and relaxing night-time ambience of fireflies dancing in the air of a warm moonlit night.

Nature Sounds CDs

Rolling Thunder CD

Rolling Thunder is a recording of distant and non-threatening thunder with a unique rumbling sound. A gentle rain falls.

Crickets Calming CD

Crickets Calming is a CD of five different cricket night recordings. The sounds of crickets on a warm summer night.

Healing Falls CD 66% Off

Soothing and calming, Healing Falls is a natural source of white noise. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, and sleep.

New Nature Sounds MP3 Releases:

Autumn River © MP3

Autumn River MP3 is perfect for meditation on the water element as there are no other sounds to distract. Its constant volume makes it ideal for sleeping. Free from loops and available in 70 or 155 minute 3-D versions. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Evening Crickets © MP3

Evening Crickets MP3 is ideal for relaxing, meditation, and sleeping. Free from loops and available in 70 or 140 minute 3-D versions. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Summer Night Bullfrogs © MP3

Summer Night Bullfrogs MP3 is perfectly paced for sleeping. Free from loops and available in 70 or 149 minute versions. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Bullfrogs and Loons © MP3

Bullfrogs and Loons MP3 was recorded overnight on the shore of a northern lake. Free from loops and available in 70 or 200 minute versions. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

White-Throated Sparrow © MP3

White-Throated Sparrow is the ideal relaxation recording for the bird lover. These bird calls recorded at dawn in the spring. Without repeats or loops. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Rocky Shore Sounds © MP3

Rocky Shore Sounds is a perfect wilderness recording for relaxation or for creating an ambience. Waves on angular rocks yield unique tones. Without repeats or loops. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Spring River Sounds © MP3

Spring River Sounds is a light, bright, full-bodied running water sound that is perfect for meditation on the element of water and all the energies of Spring. Without repeats or loops. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Spring Water Trickle © MP3

Spring Water Trickle is a delicate and light running water sound that is perfect for an indoor fountain sound. Available in 1 and 2 hour versions with no repeats or loops. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Thunder and Rain Sounds © MP3

For the love of Thunder!! The latest thunderstorm production features louder rain and rumbles than before with lots of sky crackles! Available in 1 and 2 hour versions with no repeats or loops. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Afternoon Rain Relaxation © MP3

Afternoon Rain Relaxation © MP3 is a natural source of spacious white noise. Available in 1 and 2 hour versions. More information and a free sample is available here in the download section.

Nature sounds for Relaxation and Meditation

Nature sounds are ideal to use as a background when practicing relaxation or meditation. The slower pace and the constant ambience of nature sounds causes both the mind and the body to relax. Listening to natural sounds can also trigger memories of pleasant past experiences, and these memories, for today's typical urban dweller, are usually of past vacations or excursions, and of childhood experiences. The slow tempo of repetitive soothing sounds of the higher end of the frequency spectrum have an especially relaxing effect on the pysche.

The sounds of running water, like those of water falls, streams, rivers, rain yield a broadband noise especially good at masking noise. Plus, the natural rhythms, combined with the randomness of nature sounds, calms and holds the attention better than mechanical or software sources. Having problems sleeping? Use the sounds of crickets in the background. Since the dawn of time, its a background sound that countless generations have listened to as they sleep. We have a website devoted entirely to sounds for sleeping at Sleepy Nature

More Testimonials

This evening I purchased the CD length versions of Sleepy Cricket Night, Meditation Brook. Sleepy Cricket and Meditation Brook are both wonderful recordings and are exactly what I was looking for.

Aaron, Canada

Just like to say I have had 5 of your long tracks now for around 3 and a half years. Got to be one of the best sound purchases I have ever made. I use them all the time at work (I work in a busy office) where they really help me concentrate. My 8 1/2 year old boy has been sent to sleep with them since he was 5 and he still loves them. Just visiting you site again now and I'm sure I'm going to be buying some more from you...

Richard, UK.

Fantastic recording! I had previewed several other recordings of the same type and even some of the "sound machines" available. None even came close to your outstanding recordings...


What a beautiful Cricket CD you have made! I love it so much. I listen to it at night for relaxation at bedtime. I always fall asleep. The sound quality is excellent. The long play time is excellent, too.

Lisa, Maryland, USA

I wanted to let you know that I am so happy I found your website. I currently live in a rental that has quite a nice view of nature, but the traffic noise, and noise in the building is very distracting. I purchased 2 of your waterfall MP3's which provide a perfect background nature sound to block out the unwanted noise. I am listening to the Kakabeka Falls MP3 right now, and am loving it. Thank you for providing an atmosphere of beautiful nature sounds! I am recommending your website to others.

Janet, Spokane, USA

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